Psychotherapy Services

Healing and growth...through intensive psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our experienced, licensed clinicians help clients address a range of issues and struggles that diminish quality of life and impact core elements of identity: personal, interpersonal, familial, professional, sexual and spiritual.

  • INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY: Our therapists provide short and longer-term treatment from many perspectives and collaborate with clients to determine an approach that best meets their needs. Sessions in Spanish are available as are opportunities to meet more than once a week.
  • GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY: In conjunction with individual treatment or on its own, group therapy provides a powerful forum for exploring oneself and one’s struggles in relationships. Through giving and receiving support and feedback, group members build their capacity to effectively navigate interactions with others, including romantic partners, friends, family and colleagues. Click for a listing of current groups, both time-limited and ongoing.
  • DYNAMIC MEDITATION (DM) GROUPS: Dynamic Meditation ( is a skill and a therapeutic tool designed by M. Claudia Cauterucci and it is used to manage emotional reactions that occur in daily living. In the DM groups, you will meet others who are learning this meditation skill and you will learn to use it by hearing their stories and sharing yours in an atmosphere of confidentiality. Ms. Cauterucci will work with people individually as well as a group so that you can see the method in action while applying it to your own personal concerns. Meditation is called a “practice” because it is a learned skill that requires repetition, focus, and structure. These groups provide a structured format within which you can practice Dynamic Meditation on a weekly basis with the help and guidance of the group leader. Click for a listing of current groups.
  • COUPLE PSYCHOTHERAPY: Sessions with couples of all sexual orientations provide a unique setting to understand issues that interfere with intimacy, autonomy and vitality in relationships.
  • FAMILY AND CHILD PSYCHOTHERAPY: We offer children and adolescents a safe space to talk about their struggles, and have extensive experience treating youth with severe emotional disturbance. We also support families in facing a variety of issues, including children’s school difficulties, adjustment to divorce, grief and loss, and sibling rivalry.
  • SEX THERAPY: Individual, couple/partner and family services include therapeutic intervention, support and education for the psychological/emotional, physical and social issues and concerns about sexual health, functioning, and behavior. For more information: Contact Lois Valladares at 202-429-4936.